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Introducing the Keiki (kids) plate!!

It's always been available but never on the menu since when we started with the food truck we had lots of babies running around and they also wanted to eat Coco Shrimp, we would serve them a mini version of our most popular plates. We thought now would be a good time to announce the Keiki (kay-kee) plate! Keiki means child or kid in Hawaiian and it's the perfect size for kids who can't eat a regular-sized plate. The Keiki plate comes with 3 shrimp of any flavor and a small bed of rice and a smaller salad in our taco-size plate with a drink.

So if you're looking for a seafood restaurant in Fort Worth that's perfect for the whole family, look no further than our restaurant. Our new Keiki plate is just one of the many reasons why we're the go-to spot for seafood lovers in the area. Come join us for a delicious meal and a fun dining experience that everyone will love!

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