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Our Story

Summer 2015

The Coco Shrimp dream began while Isaac and Lauren Hadley were attending BYU-Hawaii.  Over four, adventure-filled years, we fell in love with the laid-back lifestyle of the North Shore of Oahu. We became enamored with the way food played such an essential role in the Polynesian culture.

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February 2016

In the fall of 2015, Isaac and Lauren used all of their savings to buy an old ambulance, get it running, paint it in Isaac's parent's backyard, and turn it into a working food truck to serve Hawaiian-Style shrimp out of! The idea was inspired by all the food and shrimp trucks in Hawaii.


Summer 2016

After a year of hard work and many busy days at the food truck, Mary and Jordan Barrus, Isaac's sister and Brother-in-law joined Coco Shrimp. Jordan left his corporate job in San Clemente, California to pursue his dream of working for himself.

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Summer 2018

The original food truck was too small so it needed an upgrade! Version 2 was still small but worked much better and was more reliable at getting through 1.5-2 hour wait times! We were still shocked at how many people loved Coco Shrimp and would keep coming back!

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March 2019

We got the keys to the first brick and morter restaurant in downtown Fort Worth on Bryan Ave. It was an old building that needed so much work but we worked hard to turn it into something special! Each wall has character and we wanted to make it feel like the country style of Hawaii.

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December 2019

We finally opened our first restaurant! It was a lot of long hours and figuring out how to do everything ourselves but we did it and loved it! We grew so much from our little food truck and owe it all to everyone who has supported us!

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Summer 2020

Covid-19 affected us all and with our brand new restaurant we were nervous but we grew more through Covid and made plans to open a second location in North Fort Worth!

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June 2021

We opened our second location on Heritage Trace Blvd in North Fort Worth! This one was much easier since we knew what we were doing. Our goal of growing all over the country was starting to happen!

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November 2021

We were growing so fast that we needed a third location in Watauga, Texas! Watauga was close to the original food truck location and we still have so many fans from those days. Each location is so unique and we love to paint new murals on the walls to add our own flair.

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October 2022

Our fourth location in Denton, Texas was a little further from Fort Worth and gave us hope that we could spread from coast to coast! Denton was a passing test to prove that people all over love Coco Shrimp!


July 2023

After a few years of working in our tiny kitchen and cramped dining space, we decided to expand our first location and make a bigger kitchen and dining room. Our opening day proved how much we needed the bigger space when we filled every seat!

230714-bryan open1-7.jpg

January 2024

We have been thinking about moving toward Dallas for a long time and finally, we made that move to Richardson! We loved the location and it took a bit of a remodel but it turned out great and we can't wait for the Coco Shrimp name to spread all over Dallas - Fort Worth!

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