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Our menu has remained almost unchanged from when we started in the first food truck with the addition of the Coco Tacos!

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photo of friends eating coco shrimp


When you have a large group and still want to spread the aloha! Use our catering for orders of 12+. Same menu, same pricing as our restaurant!


While we all were attending BYU-Hawaii.  Over four, adventure-filled years, we fell in love with the laid back lifestyle of the North Shore of Oahu. We became enamored with the way food played such an important role in the Polynesian culture. 

We brought that vision to Texas by opening a shrimp truck just like the ones you can find on the North Shore. Now that food truck has turned into 7 restaurants and we are stoked to be able to bring a taste of Hawaii back to Texas.


Coco Shrimp started as the first and only mobile-seafood restaurant in Fort Worth and now, 7 restaurants later, has made Yelps top 50 restaurants in Texas two years in a row with our tacos making Yelp's Top Tacos Spots list in the nation. Together, our tight -knit family plans to launch more restaurants and expand the Coco Shrimp empire.

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