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The complete skateboards will satisfy you

If you want to have a new skateboard without the skateboard building steps, the complete skateboard is the best option for you. Besides, in case you need to find instructions for skating on a complete skateboard, visit SkateAdvisors.

The CCS skateboards

I can say that the CCS complete skateboard is a masterpiece. The wheels are small and the detailed information of the boards are 52mm 100A. If you want to use the skateboards for cruising around, I’m afraid that the boards are not suitable. The deck of the CCS skateboard is 7.0’’ to 8.25’’ in width. Specifically, the width which is from 7.0’’ to 7.5’’ is for children and the width from 7.75’’ to 8.25’’ is for experienced skaters. Let’s have a look at the details of the CCS skateboards:

The wheels: 100A 52mm

The deck material: 7 ply maple wood

The deck width: from 7.0’’ to 8.5’’

The trucks: a set

The bearings: standard

The Powell Peralta Flight

The detailed information of the Powell Peralta Flight complete skateboards is down below.

The wheels: 99A 53 mm

The deck width: 8.5’’, 8.25’’, 8.0’’

The bearings: Fireball Dragon

The trucks: Independent, Paris Street

If your skating style is street style, this board is absolutely for you. However, the boards are not good for cruising around. In general, parts of the Powell Peralta Flight are all quality. The bearings help skaters skate at a high speed. The trucks are solid enough to skate on streets and parks. As regards the sizes of the deck, 8.25’’ and 8.0’’ are for skating on streets. And the last size is for transition skating style.

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